Monday, 9 September 2019

Lifting an overgrown conifer hedge

We inherited a an overgrown conifer hedge that made it difficult to get down the drive and out of the car.  We considered taking it down, but the tall trees provide useful screening between ourselves and our neighbour's windows - an really expensive thing to replace. So, we're lifting the canopy to create trees! 
Conifer canopy lift (or murder) underway

Conifers starting to show their trunks. New fencing put in plank by plank!

Optimistic planting underway underneath the conifers
Now we can walk underneath the hedge and we can both get out of the car at once. There's a new challenge of planting under the conifers. I've got a range of tiny plants getting ready to go in. When in doubt plant a geranium (or a foxglove). Hopefully at least some will cope in the dry partial shade if I help them get established with plenty of water. 

The toughies being tested are: 
Geranium Rozanne - mostly because it's lovely and I had so many spares it seemed worth a try! 
Foxgloves - mostly seedlings of Excelsior mixed from packet seeds and saved seeds.
Vinca Minor - white flowered
3 types of Heuchera
Euphorbia: Robbiae, Martinii, and Purpurea. The Robbiae should do just fine, I've got that in similar conditions elsewhere (the former owners of our plot really really liked conifers), and the purpurea should cope, but be a bit less colourful, Martinii is a punt.
Festuca Glauca, which is supposed to cope with any kind of condition. First time with this, so we'll see.
A nice yellow leaved grass grown from seed who's name I've forgotten, Bowles something.
Convallaria majalis
Euonymous Emerald Gaeity

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