Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Cherries Waiting for Summer Sun

Cherry Tree Summer Sun
Spring blossom has come late to our garden after the extended cold, cold winter this year. Cherry trees of Colney, Merton Glory, Stella, and Vega, are still in full bloom. Others, like summer sun to the (left) and Sunburst have dropped their petals and have the first tantalising signs of tiny green cherries.

Spring has been very changeable so far with warm sunny days, strong gusty winds, sudden rains and even a bit of hail, just to mix it up a bit. Cherry blossom probably doesn't appreciate this kind of weather, but the tiny green fruitlets are giving me hope that the summer will bring me more cherries than I can safely eat.

Soon enough, it will  be time to put up the "pop-up" fruit cage to protect the potted trees and to carry out the strange mummification of the Sunburst cherry tree that stands at the bottom entrance to the garden. It never works, but I try it every year. Below is last year's crazy effort to keep some of the harvest away from the blackbirds. Yes, that is a clothes peg. And not one, but two kinds of netting. At least the blackbirds didn't see fit to get themselves trapped inside.

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