Thursday, 31 January 2013

What to sow in February

I've been sowing "sprouting" peas indoors every couple of weeks for fresh pea shoots to bring some early spring to my winter salads.

Chase Organic Pea Shoots - snip and add to salads
Later this month I'll sow Onions in modules. I'll leave them in a warm spot untilt they germinate, then they'll be off the the cold frame so that they don't get too warm.
The overwintered broad beans are doing well, and this year I think I'll sow some indoors in deep pots for a sweet treat that's really easy to grow. They'll need to be hardened off carefully before planting out.
I'll wait until mid February to sow sweet peppers and the hotter chilli peppers as these need a long growing season. They'll start off on the kitchen windowsill.
I'll hold off on sowing tomatoes or they'll be leggy before the weather is warm enough for them to be happy in the conservatory.
I didn't sow autumn sweet peas so I'll start some this month and keep them cool if I can.

waiting, waiting

for the rain

Pink Hellebore