Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Peach Leaf Curl Update

Peach leaf curl rates under the Serenade bacteria spray are looking about the same as they did last year following spraying with an "organic" copper fungicide.  Again there is a big difference between the number of infected leaves by tree type:

Dwarf nectarine Nectarella is the worst affected, most leaves at the tips of branches are curled, leaves further down are largely OK. Perhaps the spray adheres less well to the shoot tips, or shoot tips are particularly susceptible.

Dwarf Peach Bonanza (pictured below) shows a slightly less infection, again concentrated on the shoot tips. Leaves are still emerging, so this may or may not be the full story. Showed a few infected leaves last year.

Dwarf Peach Bonanza showing peach leaf curl after winter Serenade treatmen
Nectarine Flavour Top also has a handful of infected leaves; a smaller proportion than the dwarf peach. It doesn't look too bad. Nectarine Flavour Top didn't show much infection last year either, but since I bought it the summer before from Blackmoor's I expect it was sprayed on the nursery over the previous winter.

The two Avalon Pride peach trees are once again clear of leaf curl, fingers crossed that they stay that way. If you don't want to spray, this is absolutely the peach tree for you. You can buy Avalon Pride at T&M.

Two more peach trees, Saturn and Redwing are yet to come into flower or leaf (new last winter, so will have been shipped from cold-storage), they've been sprayed with Serenade, but may also have been sprayed on the nursery, so we won't know how they fare until next year.

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