Monday, 5 September 2011

Vegetables to sow or plant in September

The weather turned distinctly autumnal today. It's sunny/cloudy, chilly, rainy, and windy. I still plan to sow a few vegetable seeds this month that are destined to be planted in raised beds or my new "over-wintering bed" which has a cold-frame mounted on it.

Raised beds with Enviromesh to protect brassicas and lettuce, and 4ftx4ft coldframe
Vegetables I'll sow this month:
Cauliflower All The Year Round for earlier crop in spring, I'll plant some out and keep some in pots in the coldframe to hedge my bets.
Spring Onions for stir frying, I'm not so keen on them raw, or at least, not so keen on their after-effects.
Pak choi, some winters I've been able to harvest full-size pak choi in December.
Lettuce Winter Gem, these I'm going to split between enviromesh hoops and the cold frame and see which does best
I've also sown Winter Tares, White and Red Clover in the beds that will probably be empty over winter, to protect the soil.

Veg to plant this month:
Spring cabbages Pixie and Spring Hero sown last month

Calabrese (unknown type) I bought a tray from the garden centre for £2,99 (I was only supposed to go and buy birdseed!) as my calabrese crop got pigeoned when I wasn't paying attention. This lot were planted straight out under enviromesh netting which keeps the cabbage white butterflies and the wood pigeons off 'em.

Depending on how the Japanese onions are looking they may get planted late-on this month too.

New strawberry beds, September 2011

I've also just planted out new strawberry beds this year. I took a year off from strawberries last year, and I missed them. I only intended to have two beds but of course, there was a muliti-strawberry plant offer on.

Instead of my all-time-favourite-flavoured strawberry Honeoye, I've got 3 I haven't grown before: Marshmello, Marshmarvel and Amelia. Three beds are planted up, with the strawberries a bit too close together in a row, but I'm hoping that only planting a single row down the middle will make up for that.

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