Friday, 2 September 2011

Heavenly pink roses

I love David Austen's English roses. Today 3 new roses arrived. 2 x Gentle Hermione, and 1 Skylark. I bought Gentle Hermione for a friend in Lancashire 2 Christmases ago, after reading that the petals were "particularly resistant to rain," a quality to be much appreciated on that side of the Pennines. She loves the scent and I've finally decided that I have to have a pair of my own. I think I'm going to plant one in a pot and train it up a 1.5m obelisk so that I can have the flowers at perfect smelling height.

Skylark I bought on it's reputation for having a wonderful strong myrhh scent. Once the sun's been on them tomorrow (with any luck) I'll find out what myrhh smells like.
David Austen Rose Gentle Hermione
Above, Gentle Hermione has been a winner in Lancashire. I'll find her a home somewhere this weekend.

David Austen Rose Skylark

Skylark - new addition, looking forward to sampling the scent tomorrow!(update: strong spicy scent with a hint of aniseed, scent seems to carry well)

David Austen Rose Queen of Sweden

Queen of Sweden has been completely healthy in my Yorkshire garden for 3 years, not a sign of anything more than a slight munching by some tiny caterpillar. Very upright growth, which is nice in a flower bed, planted with geraniums in front. Lovely sweet and quite strong scent that I'd call a tingly, sugary, rose. Well over 4ft tall this year. After some very high winds in late spring she's had to be tied up to keep her regal upright shape. I'll prune back hard this winter.

David Austen Rose Brother Cadfael
Very large peony shaped roses that smell absolutely heavenly. A rich sherbetish, and very strong rose scent. I can't decide whether this or Munstead Wood is my favourite rose scent. The flowers are the most lovely glowing pink. They don't stand up so well to summer rain, but given a dry spell this is a stunning rose. Tends to get a bit of rust late in the season in my garden.

David Austen Rose Wildeve
I grow Wildeve in a large pot, the rounded shape looks good in a pot. Wildeve has a lovely clean fresh tea rose scent. Lots of nice, small, dark green leaves keep it interesting even when it's having a little rest between blooming. Generally very healthy in my garden.

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