Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Summer Sun Cherry Tree

This has to be my favourite cherry so far. Summer sun produces big, very dark maroon-purple cherries, which are both firm and very juicy.

I grow Summer Sun on the Gisela 5 rootstock. Officially, Gisela 5 produces a tree that can be kept to around 8ft or so, but in order to keep the tree small enough to fit inside our free-standing fruit cage (constructed from bits and pieces of interlocking aluminium tubing and plastic corners), I'm training it into a weeping form.

Summer Sun on Gisela 5 can be grown in large ordinary pots, but I'm giving airpots a go. Airpots (there are a couple of types, I've got both) should in theory stop the trees getting rootbound and mean that I can keep growing them in the same pot for 3 or 4 years. Summer Sun lives in the tarmac orchard.

Name: Summer Sun / Gisela 5
Type: Mid-season large black cherry
Planted: Autumn 2010
Tree form: 2yr old bare root bush
Location: Tarmac Orchard, 80 litre Air Pot
Cropping history: 2011: in its first summer I harvested around 20 perfect, beautiful, mouthwatering cherries.

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