P2P Lending Interest Rates

P2P Lending Rates updated 4th March 2016

Here are the latest rates on the peer 2 peer lending / alternative finance sites on which I have active lender accounts.


6-12 Months P2P Lending Rates

*SavingStream 12% fixed, loans typically 6 - 12 months (1% paid monthly. Provision fund.
LendInvest: 6.5% to 7.0%  (choose individual loans)
Ratesetter: 4.3% Provision fund
* Wellesley and Co:  3.75% Provision fund

c5 Years P2P Lending Rates

* Wellesley and Co: 7.00% (mini bond)
* Wellesley and Co: 5.5% (property loans). Provision fund.
Assetz Capital: 9-10% (individual loans)
* LendingWorks: 6.3% Provision fund and insurance.
Ratesetter: 6.2%
* Zopa:5.0% Provision fund

 c3 Years P2P Lending Rates

Assetz Capital: 9-10% individual loans
Assetz Capital:7% (green income or Great British Business account). Provision fund.
Ratesetter: 3.9% Provision fund.
* Wellesley and Co: 4.75% Provision fund.
* Zopa: 3.8% Provision fund.
* LendingWorks: 4.7% Provision fund and insurance.

30-day/Monthly Lending Rates

Ratesetter: 3.7% Provision fund.
* Wellesley and Co: 3.3% Provision fund.

"Instant Access" P2P Lending Rates

* Assetz Capital: 3.75% (instant, idle funds waiting to lend in other markets). Provision fund.

* = affiliate linked with introductory offers for first time account openers.

Check the individual sites for the types of loan (e.g. whether capital is returned monthly or at then end, whether interest is paid monthly or at the end, and so on, or search this blog for P2P for a brief overview of the types of lending on offer. Looking forward to the IFISA.

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