Sunday, 5 August 2012

Pretty Ripening Plums

Ripening Plums of Lizzie
Asian plum Lizzie produces sweet very juicy plums about the size of a large hens egg. Like other plums the skin is tart and has an attractive bloom. They ripen to a lovely violet-tinged shade of red. The picture to the left was snapped the day before all of the remaining fruit mysteriously vanished from the tree :(

I think I may need to find space for these in the tarmac orchard cages. Most years the birds haven't bothered the plum trees. Maybe it's a revenge attack because the fruit cages have been so successful this year.

This plum is self-fertile, which is just as well as it flowers very early, sometimes in late February, sometimes in early March.

They've been largely trouble-free though they do show some shot-holes in the leaves and with the very damp late spring and summer the leaves are looking a bit ragged this year. They seem to be happy growing in airpots.  Take care to thin the fruit out though. The fruit are quite heavy and can drag a branch down with their weight, sometimes breaking the branch off.

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